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Recipe: Recycling the scrap of the centrifuge

Recycling is the New Fashion!
Many people know how a centrifuge is special (I have to say thanks to my dear friend Linda who gave me as a present). The juice of a centrifuge has got a perfume that fills up the bottom of the nose, the taste is full and the energy load is assured. Unfortunately,there is a drawback: for every juice remains a long waste and each time it seems a shame to have to throw all that food. In the dome of the centrifuge remains much flesh, yet top quality From the scrap we can get top quality ingredients useful to prepare some great cupcakes.

In this double recipe - centrifuged + fruit mini-pies - I chose these ingredients: fresh apples and carrots; cinnamon; organic flour 00; potato starch in equal amount of flour so as to make lighter cupcakes and reduce the presence of gluten; milk and butter (for me, because I suffer of lactose intolerance, I chose them in high digestibility); brown sugar; eggs from hens raised outdoors; an organic yeast bought in Natura Sì, (brand Baule Volante), which comes from corn starch and leavening agents such as potassium tartrate extracted from grapes and baking soda. It's all-natural baking powder that does not induce the intestinal fermentation and not swollen belly.

Recipe for the centrifugate:

one kilo of red apples;
500 grams of carrots.

Wash the apples and carrots; Scrape the carrots and peel the apples.

Cut into slices.

Put in the centrifuge and pour the juice into a cup.

I poured the mix of the two juices in a bottle and I've shaken well to mix.

Ideally, you should drink the juice as soon as possible, to preserve the vitamins, but if you prefer, put in the fridge

Recipe for the cakes to fruit:

Scrap centrifuged (about 400 grams of pulp)
200 grams of flour 00 biological;
200 grams of potato starch;
400 grams of brown sugar;
300 ml of milk;
200 grams of melted butter and already warm;
2 o 3 of teaspoons of cinnamon;
2 eggs;
a packet of yeast;
a pinch of salt.


Take the scrap of the apples and carrots from the centrifuge (avoiding the large and hard pieces); 

put them in a bowl and mash to puree. 

Add all the dry components: flour, starch, sugar; yeast; cinnamon, a pinch of salt. Mix well with your hands.

Enter the liquid parts: the milk, melted butter and warm, the whole eggs. 

Stir with a wooden spoon and work the mixture with an electric mixer. 

It must be creamy and dense, which remains attached to the spoon. 

Pour into fluted paper cases. 

Cook in pre-heated oven at the temperature of 160 °/ 180 ° for 25-30 minutes. 

The result will be many golden small cakes, soft, perfect for breakfast in the morning.

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