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Sardinian pizzette (special recipe from Italy)

I sometime give in to the charm (and nostalgia) of Cagliari's small pizzas. They are small pizzas, made of puff pastry, stuffed tomato, olive oil and capers. Usually, oddly enough, they are consumed at breakfast ...! In every Cagliari's bars you can find them warm and fragrant accompanied by juice or cappuccino. They are a must for young people returning from the clubs in the early hours of the morning. When I was younger I used to do it with my friends as well; it's easy to find bakeries and bars that sell pastries and hot pizza at 2 a.m., a very nice occasion, shared with friends, sitting on a bench, under the blue Sardinian skies, to close the cheerful evenings. Ooooh how many memories I have in my mind now!!!

Ingredients for two / three people

two rolls of puff pasttry
a bowl with: tomato sauce, olive oil, salt, oregano, two tablespoons of tomato concentrate; well mixed all together
an egg: open it and separate the yellow from the white and put them in two separate bowls
Open the puff pastry and make some squares and cut. Make sure that the measures are aligned on the two rolls. Prick the pastry with a fork. Now put a tablespoon of sauce in the center of the squares of the first roll. Add the capers. Add a pinch of salt. With a pastry brush, pass the egg white on the edges of every small pizza. Now close well with the second roll. Lightly beat the egg yellow; brush on the surface of the pizza.

Pass in cooking for 10-15 minutes, in a pre-heated oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 °. They will come fragrant, with a delicious and light filling. Just be careful: inside they are very hot, blow some air inside before!

Small pizza (Pizzette) comes from Cagliari, a city in the south of Sardinia (Italy)


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